This Historic building, built in 1838, was originally known as Greenbank Methodist Church. 

In the 1920s, the front stair towers were added to create a covered entrance hall with beautiful wooden stairs to the balcony areas which are still in use today!

For over 150 years the church continued to be a place of ‘worship’ but sadly fell into a state of disrepair and was closed.

In 1997 the Full Gospel Mission of the AoG (Assemblies of God) purchased the building and carried out extensive restoration and repairs. The church was renamed ‘Greenbank Christian Centre’ and then most recently known as ‘Greenbank Community Church’.

Now an exciting new chapter in the history of this famous Liskeard landmark has begun, and will now be known as ‘Church of Impact’, a place where Jesus still saves, heals and transforms lives.

We invite you to see for yourselves and be a part of history!