Walking with the Resurrected King

Following His resurrection, Jesus comes alongside two of his disciples walking away from Jerusalem to another town! In a remarkable account, we see that though Jesus holds a conversation with them, gives a Bible study and rebukes them, they still do not recognise him!
Is it possible that we can be walking with Jesus and sometimes fail to see that he is with us? Can the situations we face and ‘troubles’ of life obscure our thinking and ‘blind’ us to the truth of Christ and His Word?

With these two disciples, we see that their sadness and pain of what happened to Christ obscured the truth and promises that Christ had previously given them. It shows us all that though we may know the Word of God, His promises for our life and the eternal life to come, we can become blind when negative things happen!

We need to remember the truth of God’s Word and lift that above our situations and declare His promises. Jesus is walking with us by His Holy Spirit living in us- He promises that He will never leave or forsake us.

“Thank you, Jesus, for showing us that even in our saddest and darkest moments you have never left us. You are always walking with us, and we thank you for the promises of your Word. Lord, be our guide always as we walk and serve you in our lives. “