Awaken to make an Impact

For ‘forty’ days after his ‘resurrection’, Jesus appeared and met with his disciples many times. In one of these appearances and meetings, Jesus came alongside and showed two discouraged disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24) how he fulfilled all the scriptures. Wow, a bible study with the Word of God Himself! After the walk Jesus ‘acted’ to go on alone but the disciples urged strongly that Jesus would go with them.

In another meeting, Jesus appeared to the apostles minus Thomas. In returning to the house the apostles exclaimed to Thomas that Jesus had been with them, but Thomas said, “unless I see Him, I will not believe it!” Eight days later, Jesus appeared again and then after placing his hands in Jesus’ hands and Jesus side, he then believed! Do you believe? Jesus said in John 20:29 – “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” What more do you need to believe? The two on the road were shown the TRUTH of scripture and Thomas was shown the Risen Lord Himself! When Jesus returns and calls His Church(bride) home it will be best to remember the truth now and not recall the message “after the event.” You will find yourself on the wrong side of the closed door.

Following another appearance at the sea of Galilee, Jesus restored a broken-hearted Peter so beautifully and tenderly. Recalling to Peter’s mind the first time how he, Jesus came into Peter’s life – by a miraculous catch of fish in the same location! Sometimes, we need to pause and reflect on that time and touch of the Master in our lives – and love on Him.

Therefore, following these days of appearing to His disciples and rebuking, encouraging and restoring them the ‘chosen team’ were in place to commence the ‘Church’ of Christ. This team were to receive the Power and Baptism of the Holy Spirit 10 days later at the Festival of Pentecost; thus the church began with Impact!!

A church of impact started the 2000-year church age, and it will be a Church of Impact that He will come for, a church once upon a time of discouraged, unbelieving and broken-hearted people. “Lord, may we, your Bride be as it was at the beginning, laying down our lives fully for you, loving you with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.” Amen