Finished at the Cross

From having being created good, the sin in Eden resulted in the basic nature of man becoming corrupted. This corrupt fallen nature was carried down through every individual from one generation to the next. Some 2500 years on God called a man, separated him from his homeland and through him the Jewish nation came. Through this nation the law of Moses was given. However, they couldn’t keep it. The other stream, the Gentiles, had the divine law in their conscience, but they also broke it. Nether Jew nor Gentile could, due to the corrupt nature. The prophets spoke to their own people as well as to the ether nations around. All peoples, regardless of the stream, were under sin, enslaved and under its power. Neither could be rid of it! Jesus came and made it possible through His sacrifice for both Jew and Gentile to enter God’s kingdom, but only by passing through the circumcision of Christ. At the cross the corrupt nature is cut off (circumcised) and through Jesus’ resurrection come forth with a completely new nature, into life and freedom in Christ.