Born out of Barrenness.

Throughout scripture, we see there are many instances where women were found barren, where God had closed the womb. There are actually seven women who found themselves barren, but they were to find out that in their barrenness and waiting on God, they were to learn about themselves and more importantly God’s providential plan for His purposes. It is the ‘touch’ and ‘word’ of God that opened the respective wombs to bring about His divine plan for the world.

It starts with Sarah – wife of Abraham. Abraham was promised that he would be the father of many nations, but it was the womb of Sarah where the promise was to come. Isaac was born to Sarah in her youthful age of ’90! A miracle that could only be attributed to God!

Isaac then married Rebekah – another bride who was barren. Isaac prayed and the LORD opened her womb too! The promise continues through the bride! Rebekah had twins, Jacob and Esau who had a struggle! Jacob later married Rachel – whom he SO loved! She was barren! Scripture says God remembered her and ‘opened’ her womb! She gave birth to Joseph – whom later was to become a Saviour to the people of Israel in Egypt! God knows – it is only by Him!

Hannah prayed to the Lord and promised to dedicate a child to the Lord. God opened her womb, and her son Samuel would grow to be God’s prophet, who would anoint the King Saul and later King David!

A woman from Shunem was barren, but Elisha the prophet prayed and promised her a son. The son came and grew up but after he became ill, he died. Elisha went to the dead son, but after laying on him and prayed, the son rose back to life! Familiar? There was more…..

A Judge for the Israelites came from a barren womb too. Samson was born and was involved in many a story! And then there was Elizabeth. The Lord opened her womb for the birth of John the Baptist. The one who would go ahead and make a way for the Saviour of the World.

The Lord teaches us many things in our deserts, our barrenness and dry seasons. It is God’s nature to produce fruits from the wilderness and the same is today for us all – His Church. The Church is Christ’s bride! We can only produce from what is of the Holy Spirit and the hand of God.

Like all the above, everything the Church does must point to God and His miraculous hand. All glory and honour to God Almighty. Amen!