The Proposal 2 – “Esther, Bride of the King”

From the story of Esther in the Old Testament, we see a story of a young woman being chosen from many to be Queen. We then read later in Chapter 4, how Queen Esther used her position as the Bride of the King in saving her people the Jews. It is a very interesting and also a prophetic picture of Jesus acquiring a Bride and how that Bride – His Church has access to the King to ‘save people’. Quite extraordinary!

In Chapter 2 of Esther, (v12, 15-18) we see how Esther underwent a 12-month preparation process before being take to the King. There was 6 months of oils of Myrrh followed by 6 months of oils of perfume! She would have smelt and looked very beautiful!

It is like the Church!! The Holy Spirit dwells in you and me, to purify us and cleanse us from sin and impurities and then replenishes us with the oil and perfumes of the fruits of the Spirit! Myrrh in the Bible is used in the Bible as the embalming oil for death – it was brought to Jesus as a child, and it is the oil of Myrrh that Nicodemus brought for the body of Jesus. (John 19:39-40) Esther went through a process of ‘purification’ and ‘beautifying’ before being taken to the King, and so do we, the Church of Christ being taken through a continual process of cleansing before being taken by Our King Jesus!

Esther too was displayed other qualities in being selected as a Royal bride. She displayed patience in the days of ‘purification’, she remained free from contamination and influences and submitted to the desires of the King. (Esther 2:15) The Lord Jesus looks for similar qualities in His Church – patient endurance and submission to His will as mentioned to His highly regarded church of Philadelphia in Revelation. It is because of these qualities, that Jesus promised an ‘open door’ for the Church and the promise of a ‘crown!’

In closing, we see that Queen Esther used her position for a vital piece of work! In Revelation, it says in chapter 19 (v7-v8) that the bride is ‘ to ready’ herself with the clothing of ‘righteous deeds!” The Church of Christ is in a position of great influence. (if it believes it!) The Church, like Queen Esther has access to the King! In this position, we see that in critical times, the Church can have a significant part. Esther displayed this by declaring a ‘prayer and fast’ for three days prior to meeting with the King. It was Esther engaging in the things of the Spirit, that God then worked behind the scenes to bring deliverance to His people the Jews! There were other components to the story of the deliverance that were remarkable, and it was only by the Hand of God that an impossible situation became possible!

Let us not underestimate what is possible with God! The Church of Jesus can have huge impact as it has exclusive access to the King – like Queen Esther. Church of Impact – we are here, “for such a time as this!” Let’s pray, let’s Fast and seek God for impossible situations and see God continue to turn things around!