Are you in position?

In Matthew chapter 25, we see Jesus give the church a ‘parable’ concerning The 10 Virgins – representative of the churches! He is saying that the “kingdom of God will be like these 10 virgins – five were wise and five were foolish!” From this parable, Jesus is clearly showing us important points in being ready for His return. It will be at an unannounced hour in the middle of the night, when the virgins were sleeping, says the parable! Are we prepared for such a time, are we asleep? Are we asleep spiritually? This is the oil in the lamps – the oil of the Holy Spirit that is ready to ‘trim’ the lamps to give light in the middle of the night! Jesus is showing that many will be asleep and will have insufficient oil to trim their lamps and discern the hour. In this time we live and with major events happening across the globe in line with the pages of the bible, we need to be ready for a great ‘awakening!” We need to be in the Spirit, in prayer, walking out our salvation with the Lord in anticipation of the midnight hour! Let the Church of Impact be ready and be perfectly positioned for ‘such a time as this’ – may the bride be ready to receive her groom!”