A Bride of Impact!

The book of Revelation in the bible in the original Greek is ‘apocalipto’ – which is two words, “apo” and “calipto”. This literally means ‘the Removal of the Veil” – the revealing of all things! The mystery has now been revealed which is His church! – THE BRIDE! In revelation 21 from verse 9, the angel says to the Apostle John – “Come, I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb.” and descending from heaven is the new Jerusalem in all her glory!!! She made an Impact! Those in Christ are part of this New glorified Jerusalem! And it is this promise from God that the church of Philadelphia held onto as they endured in patient endurance and with little strength testing times. But Jesus promised them, “to hold on, hold fast(cling to me) and you will be a ‘pillar’ in my new city, my new Jerusalem”! With the darkness covering, continued signs of the times we live, let us hold onto the promise of Jesus – and we will be a part of the ‘Bride of Impact!”