“I want to know you Jesus”

In these ever-hostile days we live, we see the signs that Jesus speaks of in Matthew 24 – “there will be wars and rumours of war, for nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom. There shall be famines and pestilences, earthquakes in many places”. Jesus continues to give many other indicators to show us to know and discern the time we live. But, we do not know the exact ‘day or hour’ of His coming – only the Father. Jesus gives us 3 parables following in Matthew 25 and shows us in these 3 parables some of the answers to the questions of ‘when’ and ‘what’ are the signs of His coming. The parable of the 10 virgins are a representative of His church, a bride in waiting! This is the original and correct meaning of ‘virgin’ – to mean a young woman waiting for marriage. The church is waiting for Jesus the bridegroom and Jesus explains in this parable that half of these women were not ready! They had no ‘oil’ in their jars for the lamps. They all professed to be the church waiting carrying lamps – but only half of them had oil to light the lamp. Many have the ‘word of God, (your word a lamp to my path) -but you need the anointing of the oil to give the flame and light for the lamp! The Holy Spirit in you, of whom you are now the vessel for the oil, gives true living for Jesus and an expectancy for Him at any time. Are you ready? Are you anointed with the Holy Spirit oil and ‘long’ to be with your heavenly bridegroom? Do not wait – discern the hour, we are at the end of day 6 – His return for His bride is at any moment……….