“Zeal for My house”

We see Jesus twice in His ministry, display a level of passion, zeal and determination like no other! This was in the temple at Jerusalem where in making a whip of cords, he drove out the animals, money changers and caused such ‘pandemonium!’ Why?

The house of the Lord, the Temple was a place of prayer, a place for the people to bring their sacrifice and worship God. This was the single place on earth where God dwelt with His people to be worshipped and yet, allowed the Temple to be turned into a ‘market place!’

How do we approach the Church? Do we go in reverence to worship our Saviour? Do we go with a ‘sacrifice’ of prayer and praise? Or, are our minds and thoughts elsewhere and preoccupied with other things of the world?

Are we looking after our own temples – our bodies which the Apostle Paul writes as being the ‘The Living Temple of the Holy Spirit – where God dwells’. Let us display the same ‘zeal’ as our Lord Jesus in ensuring our ‘temples, homes and indeed The Church of Impact are places of worship for the presence of God as He inhabits such as these!