Mercy and Grace at the vineyard

Continuing our look at the story in 1 Kings 21, we see Ahab going down and taking possession of the vineyard. It had been acquired by the hand of Jezebel and her unpleasant schemes! Naboth and sons were killed as a result but the Lord saw and dispatched the prophet Elijah with a message of judgement to Ahab. Whilst in the vineyard, Elijah delivers this fatal message and as a result Ahab is ‘cut to the heart’ and repents! He outwardly humbles himself before the Lord in a show of remorse and repentance and the Lord sees and says to Elijah -” Have you seen how Ahab has humbled himself?” When the word of God is given with and by the authority of God, the power it has can convict anyone to repentance – even Ahab!! Therefore, though the enemy wants to destroy the church, the vineyard and children of God, the gift of mercy and Grace is also available when the word is preached truthfully and under the Lord’s direction!