“This Vineyard is NOT FOR SALE!”

In the book of 1 Kings, chapter 21, we see King Ahab of Israel request the vineyard of Naboth the owner. Ahab offers an alternative larger vineyard or monies in exchange, but Naboth refuses and says, “The Lord forbids i sell this vineyard”. There was a difference between the two men: – one was a God-fearing man and honoured the word of God, the other man did not!! And the sad thing is that King Ahab of Israel was the one who did not ‘fear and Honour God’ and was the authority in the land! In our world today, how do we react as believers in Christ when the ‘authority’ of our land requests things or laws contrary to our beliefs and the Word of God? Do we compromise or will we be like Naboth and refuse the authority and stand firm on the Word of God – “The Lord forbid it – This vineyard is not for sale!” May we have the boldness and passion as Naboth, as the church of Jesus Christ faces many challenges in the world right now.