To remain in the vine;- Fear Him.

Jesus says in John 15 that ‘he is the vine’ and we are the branches. The branches exist and are dependent upon the vine or ‘shoot’. The branches draw from the ‘shoot’, therefore have the same DNA of the shoot. The characteristics of the ‘shoot’ of Jesus are described in Isaiah 11:2-3, including wisdom, understanding, counsel, might and of the fear of the Lord. It says that Jesus would ‘delight’ in the fear of the Lord! As the branches drawing from the ‘shoot’, we should be producing fruit reflecting the very DNA of the ‘shoot!’ In doing so, we need to be like a branch – that is attached to the vine ‘permanently.’ Our ‘fruit output’ is a reflection of where we spend our time, -in Jesus’ words, “where we abide and dwell”. How long do you abide in Jesus? How much of Jesus is really in you? Desire Him, spend time in His presence and ‘draw’ from him to reflect His fruit in your life to influence the world around you.

Remain in the vine!