True Repentance has IMPACT

In the book of Luke (chapter 7:36-50) we see a story of a woman who worships at the feet of our Lord. This woman was extravagant in her worship and adoration. She publicly wept, dried her tears with her hair and anointed the feet of Jesus with expensive ointment. What was it that stirred up such an outpouring of emotion? She was a ‘sinful’ woman – and she knew that from such she was now forgiven and therefore reciprocated such grace and forgiveness from Jesus with her own outpouring of adoration. Do we have such an outpouring from a heart of gratitude and thanks? Above ALL – we MUST have a ‘hearty love’ for Jesus, as the woman in this story!! He is worth it! “Lord, we want to love you as did this woman. Stir in our hearts the right response to your wonderful works you did for us so we can know you more and give you our worship and love” Amen