Building the ‘Temple’

In 1 Chronicles 22:16, King David says – “Arise and work! The Lord be with you!” and later in verse 19, “Arise and build the sanctuary of the Lord!”

The Church of Impact is readying itself for growth. We are delighted to say that the important steels required for supporting the balcony are ordered and will be installed God willing in a matter of days. We are looking forward to the completion of these works and make available additional seating that will be required for the time fast approaching.

Let us prepare ourselves too as Jesus’ living stones and dwelling places of the Holy Spirit, that in coming together in ‘praise and worship’, our collective unified worship reaches heaven! And the presence of the Lord will dwell and inhabit the praises of His people -“God, you are the Holy One. You sit as King upon the praises of Israel” -psalm 22:3. Therefore, when new people and visitors come to the Church of Impact, they can only but say: – “God is certainly in this place”